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Caverns Ecology

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The Life In And Around Caverns

There is a fragile balancing act that goes on inside caverns like Indian Echo – between allowing tourists and spelunkers to enjoy the beauty that is found underground, while protecting our natural habitat from dangers which lurk above ground.

Echo Dell: Snowman / Rainbow room at Indian Echo Caverns

While visiting, please join us in being thoughtful stewards of our underground environment!

Keep in mind that:

Runoff from farms and landfills, and home-and-garden contaminants that leech into the ground, can endanger fragile ecosystems and ultimately water supplies.

Invasive plant species can not only wreak havoc in your garden, they also can spoil the health and beauty of caves and caverns.

Since the fragility of underground ecosystems can be made even more fragile by encroachment on nearby karst areas (topography characterized by underground drainage systems often punctuated by ridges, fissures and sinkholes), it is important that municipal planners deny industries from building in these areas.

Note: the karsts around Indian Echo Caverns extend from an area called the East Mall east of Harrisburg, through the Hummelstown and Indian Echo Caverns area, to the area near the Hershey Medical Center, through Hershey and into Palmyra.

Protect our natural beauty for future generations!

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