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We’ve designed our 30-minute educational programs to be a fun, interactive, hands-on way for your school, church, or youth group to learn about science – for all kids, with all needs!

Rockin’ Rocks

Focusing on the difference between Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary rocks, this program dives deep into the Earth’s crust to offer an explanation of how heat, pressure, and air can affect the type of rocks created. Students will handle samples of each type of rock, learn how they are formed, and their process in the rock cycle. When it comes time to review what they have learned, the students will have the opportunity to act out the processes in short, creative skits

Mineral Madness

This program focuses on how scientists analyze characteristics of gemstones and minerals. Students will listen to a brief lecture about what minerals are, where they are found, how they differ from rocks, and what characteristics are most important to analyze. Then, students will work together to analyze different minerals by looking at their color, feel, luster, cleavage, hardness, and streak. Minerals from around the world will be displayed and available for students to investigate.

Fossils R Forever

A program dedicated to exploring the physical evidence of former life from a period of time prior to recorded human history. Students will learn how most fossils are formed and observe real fossil specimens. As an added bonus, students will make fossil replicas in order to further understand the processes by which fossils are formed.

Barnyard Bash

This program focuses on agriculture, including the production of crops and livestock. Students will learn about different types of farm animals, what they eat, and what products we can get from them. Basic animal anatomy will be shown through hands-on activities. This program gives students exclusive access to the petting barn on the property.

Gemstone Discovery at Gem Mill Junction

Students will get a thrill out of using old-fashioned sifters to search through sand, finding gemstones and minerals. With the gemstones found, we will identify the names and common uses, while discussing briefly how gemstones are created. Students will take home all items found from their gemstone discovery. Available year round, but water wheel is available seasonally.

Indian Lore

Kids will enjoy learning about the history of the local Native American tribe, the Susquehannocks. We will talk about their way of life, clothing, food, weapons, tools, and housing.

Geode Cracking Program

Question: What are geodes?

Answer: Find out in this fun, interactive program that will provide youngsters with the opportunity to crack open their own crystal “secondary structures.” Adults will assist with the process.

Land and Surface Tour


Before experiencing the wonders of our cavern, tour the surface of our property, and compare the below ground tour to above ground. It’s the perfect way to learn more about our extensive cavern history.

All programs offered by Indian Echo Caverns must be prepaid and are non-refundable.
Please call with questions or concerns.

Ask us about any special needs your group may have!

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